Monday, 24 July 2017


Christians believe that God calls all people to a life of holiness, that is, a life in relationship with God and with others. This ‘vocation’ or calling can take different forms.

Some people are called by God to join religious families, such as the Carmelite Family, as either religious (friars, nuns, sisters, hermits) or lay people. Those who choose to join the Carmelite Order join a small group of brothers who are involved in the work of preaching the Gospel and witnessing to the presence of God in the world. The Carmelites have always found that actions speak louder than words, and are an example of a life which is totally dedicated to God.

You can support this area with a small donation, which will then enable new life to flourish in the Carmelite Order and the church. It will also allow the Order to support our friars in their ongoing studies. Donate, here.


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