Friday, 18 August 2017

Photo of the Month - August 2017

The gardens surrounding the Shrine of Saint Jude are beautiful this time of year. This photo shows on of the many flowers here. Brother Tony O'Donnell, O.Carm and the rest of the Faversham community are truly great gardeners.


Thursday, 3 August 2017

Novena to Saint Jude - August 2017

The following novena recently published in Carmelite News and from the National Shrine of Saint Jude is for nine days.

Our novena to Saint Jude is below and can be prayed over the next nine days until 11 August 2017. You can pray the novena in private, with your friends or family, or in a group:

Jesus, I praise you and bless you
And give you thanks for
all the graces and privileges
you have bestowed upon
your chosen apostle Saint Jude...

 (Make your special request now)

Loving God,
who revealed to Saint Jude
your desire to come to us,
and share your life with us,
open our hearts
so that your Spirit may teach us your truth,
and that keeping your commandments
we may know your abiding presence. 

Our new statue of Saint Jude was recently handed to Pope Francis in Rome, see here for more details.


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Blessed Titus Brandsma - 75th Anniversary of Martyrdom

Today is the 75th anniversary of the martyrdom of Blessed Titus Brandsma in the concentration camp of Dachau.

Titus Brandsma, O.Carm., was a Dutch Carmelite friar, priest and professor of philosophy. Brandsma was vehemently opposed to Nazi ideology and spoke out against it many times before the Second World War. He was imprisoned in the infamous Dachau concentration camp, where he died. He has been beatified by the church as a martyr of the faith.

He was beatified as a martyr by Saint Pope John Paul II on 3rd November 1985.

Pictured is our icon of Blessed Titus in the Shrine. A wonderful collection of books by Blessed Titus are available on our online shop

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Happy Feast Day of Saint James the Apostle

Happy Feast Day of Saint James the Apostle - fellow Apostle to Saint Jude.

Saint James, son of Zebedee (died 44 AD) was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, and was the first apostle to be martyred. He was a son of Zebedee and Salome, and brother of John the Apostle.
Saint James, pray for us.

Pictured is one of our prayer cards to the Apostle.


Monday, 24 July 2017


Christians believe that God calls all people to a life of holiness, that is, a life in relationship with God and with others. This ‘vocation’ or calling can take different forms.

Some people are called by God to join religious families, such as the Carmelite Family, as either religious (friars, nuns, sisters, hermits) or lay people. Those who choose to join the Carmelite Order join a small group of brothers who are involved in the work of preaching the Gospel and witnessing to the presence of God in the world. The Carmelites have always found that actions speak louder than words, and are an example of a life which is totally dedicated to God.

You can support this area with a small donation, which will then enable new life to flourish in the Carmelite Order and the church. It will also allow the Order to support our friars in their ongoing studies. Donate, here.


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Feast of Saint Elijah, Prophet & Father of Carmelites

Happy Feast of Saint Elijah! Pictured is our stained glass window of Saint Elijah.

Mass was celebrated today by Fr Richard Copsey, O.Carm for our special Feast of Saint Elijah. Photos from the Mass are below.


Saturday, 15 July 2017

Raffe Draw - 2017

The annual Shrine of Saint Jude raffle was drawn by Fr Richard Copsey, O.Carm - member of the Faversham community. Winners will be notified soon.