Wednesday, 18 July 2018

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: Message from the Prior Provincial

Dear members of the Carmelite Family,

May I wish you all a very happy Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This is the Order's principal celebration of our identification with Mary and the values she lived by.

She reminds us of that attentive listening to the Word and trying to make sense of it in our lives. She recalls that we struggle with and ponder on God's will every day as we make our choices. She shows us that the way to human fulfillment is to do God's will. This feast day helps us to refocus our lives on the person of Jesus Christ and the mission he has entrusted to us.

I hope that over the next few weeks you will all find some time for personal reflection and relaxation.

Happy Feast Day.


Kevin Alban, Prior Provincial


Sunday, 15 July 2018

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

In the latest summer newsletter, Fr Kevin Alban, reflected on Mary's place in our lives. As we prepare for the feast day tomorrow, we have reprinted this reflection below:

"I would like to take the opportunity in this newsletter to reflect on Mary’s place in our lives.

We are all very familiar with her role as mother – of Jesus, of the Church, and of each one of us. She intercedes for us with her Son and watches over us with a mother’s protection. However, in recent years we have rediscovered a Carmelite tradition of calling her also our sister.

Interestingly, Pope Paul VI in the very ceremony that he proclaimed Mary as the Mother of the Church on November 21, 1964, also drew attention to her role as sister: “…she is, however, very near to us. A daughter of Adam like us, she is therefore our Sister by the bonds of nature.”

What is the importance to us of this human connection to Mary? She is the guarantee of Christ’s true humanity. He had a true human body which is distinct from his divinity and therefore not just an apparent body, yet Christ was not divine merely because God’s spirit dwelt within him and therefore he was not adopted in any sense, but truly God. If Christ’s humanity were only apparent, then human salvation would not be real either. In giving flesh to Christ, Mary gives what all humanity possesses.

The force of calling Mary “sister” is very significant for a clear understanding of the reality of human salvation and it is not simply a reminder that Mary was human and gives an example to humanity, but that the flesh she gave to the Word of God is the reason why humanity is truly redeemed.

Mary is the connection between the reality of the Incarnation in Christ truly taking on human flesh and the reality of human salvation in that her flesh which she gives to Christ is common to humanity.

In the Carmelite tradition, the dedication of the hermits of their first oratory to Mary is a way of celebrating their imitation of her virtues from the beginning. The connection between Mary and the hermits is later expressed in the Institute of the First Monks (a late medieval text) in the title “sister”, again denoting this shared commitment.

About 100 years after the Institute, the Dutch Carmelite, Arnold Bostius, presents a comprehensive portrait of the relationship between Mary and the Carmelite Order. He continues to use Ribot’s title of sister for Mary as a sign of the common ground between the Virgin and the Carmelites: “so dignified, so holy, to have a sister, a mother, a spouse and a patron.” Bostius also uses sister in a more liturgical context, using the title in a number of hymns. For example, “O to me you are a sister”, “O my bride, sister”, “O sister who descends on Carmel”.

The common vocation shared with Mary leads Bostius to endow the title sister with an intimacy and sense of community which distinguishes his Mariology and is at the root of a flowering in devotion and theology in the 17th century in the “Mystical Marian” school of the reform of Touraine.

I hope that this short explanation of Mary as our sister serves to deepen our appreciation of Mary in our lives."


Monday, 9 July 2018

New PO Box address

Please note that our PO Box address has changed to:

Carmelite Friars
PO Box 289
ME13 3BZ

If you have sent any mail to the old PO Box (140), please don't worry, we will still receive!

Thank you.


Saturday, 7 July 2018

Novena for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: 8 - 16 July 2018

The novena from the National Shrine of Saint Jude for Our Lady of Mount Carmel begins on 8 July. The novena is for the nine days leading up to the Feast of Our Lady of Carmel, which falls on 16 July. You can pray the novena in private, with your friends or family, or in a group.

Statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, National Shrine of Saint Jude

O God, 
you have given us Mary as our Mother
and, through the Order of Carmel, 
we learn to call her sister.
May we imitate her goodness and faith
and be ever joyful in the wonderful things
you have done for us.
May Mary watch over and protect us
on our pilgrim way to your holy mountain,
Christ the Lord.
We make our prayer through the same Christ, 
Our Lord. Amen.

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Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory be...


Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Carmelite News - Summer 2018

The Carmelite News - Summer 2018
Our latest issue
We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of Carmelite News is now available to all our online friends.

Carmelite News is available to view via a system called Page Tiger. You do not need special software for the online magazine and you will be able to print all, or part of it, if you wish to do so. Page Tiger will allow you to read the newsletter as if it was printed.

The summer issue has all relevant web links enabled so you can click to go directly to any site mentioned. Each newsletter can be read either as a two-page spread or as a single spread. It is also possible to zoom into each page.

In this edition, the Prior Provincial, Fr Kevin Alban, O.Carm writes his fourth letter to the friends of Saint Jude. This time, Fr Kevin has discussed the up coming Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel; the Summer Celebration last month; an update on province and Saint Jude news; plus much more. In addition, the newsletter promotes our first set of events called: "Reflection and Prayer with Saint Jude".

Friday, 29 June 2018

Church is currently closed - Shrine still open

Unfortunately, in May 2018, a storm caused massive damage to the suspended ceiling in the church. To rectify the damage and prevent further issues from occurring it has been suggested that the lime render should be completely removed and replaced. This will take a few months to sort out. Regrettably the church will be closed for the next few weeks. Please note that daily mass will be celebrated in the Infant of Prague chapel and weekend masses are being celebrated in the Welcome Centre. The Shrine of Saint Jude remains open.

If you would like to donate to help with the costs you can do that via our online donation site. Thank you.