Saturday, 30 November 2013

Carmelite News - Winter 2013

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Saint Jude Goes Down A Storm

From Carmelite News

For centuries Saint Jude Thaddeus was the most obscure of the Apostles appointed by Jesus, overlooked in popular Christian devotion possibly because of the similarity of his name to that of Judas Iscariot. From the 15th-century onwards, however, he began to be invoked in the Church as patron saint of "difficult cases" with a particular care for those who had been marginalised and overlooked.

It therefore seemed appropriate that on his feast day this year, 28th October 2013, Saint Jude got nationwide media coverage, his name being applied by Britain's Meteorological Office to the worst storm to have hit the country in decades.

Since 28th October fell on a Monday this year, most pilgrims came to the National Shrine of Saint Jude the weekend immediately before, thus avoiding the worst of the storm which hit southern England - including the Kent town of Faversham where the Shrine is located - on Sunday night, with wind speeds reaching up to 99 miles per hour.

More on the Feast weekend from Carmelite News.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Packing machine leaves the Shrine

For nearly twenty years, the Shrine office used this packing machine to send the newsletter. It was a noisy but effective machine and was used by the team for nearly twenty years. On 15 October, we said goodbye to the machine as we now outsource the sending of our newsletter. Today was truly the end of an era.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Welcome to the first blog post from the National Shrine of Saint Jude in Faversham, Kent. The Shrine in Faversham in Kent, England, is served by the Carmelite Friars. A major centre of pilgrimage and prayer, it attracts thousands of pilgrims every year, especially around the feast of St. Jude on 28th October.

Over time, we'll add news items or messages from the Shrine to this blog. The blog will include messages from our chaplain, Fr Piet Wijngaard, O.Carm; Matt Betts, Development Manager; and other members of the Shrine team.

We hope you enjoy the news and information on our blog.