Friday, 3 June 2016

Goodbye and Welcome - Chaplain

After two years as our Chaplain, Fr Michael Manning, O.Carm will be leaving for pastures new to assist in Aylesford Priory (our sister shrine). We are very pleased to welcome Fr Brendan Grady, O.Carm as his successor. Thank you Fr Michael for all your work with the National Shrine of Saint Jude, and welcome to Fr Brendan who we are looking forward to working with.

Later this month, we will introduce Fr Brendan on our blog, but first, Fr Michael wanted to say some final words:

"Well, the Summer Celebration is over for another year and this year I was not a part of it; except through prayer. I hope that everyone had a good Summer Celebration with Fr. Damian.

As is usual with religious orders I was asked if I would take up another appointment and I agreed to this and left Faversham on the 16th May.  I shall miss the Shrine of Saint Jude, the pilgrims and visitors, and the gardens.  But I will also miss the team of which I was a part: Matt, Rachael and Kevin.  I think we gelled as a team and got on well as friends; something you cannot always guarantee.  

My new appointment is at The Friars, Aylesford.  Not far away; only 35 minutes down the M2 so once I have settled in I hope to come down and visit now and again.

One of the things I did especially enjoy was the writing of letters to all the people who had asked for advice or wanted a little support with a difficult situation.  I hope that those who received letters from me found them to be helpful and a comfort in times of pain.  Here in Aylesford we also have a Blog called A Prayer in Stone and I will be taking up the writing of entries for that again, now that I am in Aylesford.  The photo below is the statue of Our Lady of the Assumption, the patron of the Carmelite Province which graces the shrine at Aylesford.

Thank you for all your support and prayers.  God Bless you and I’ll keep the Shrine and the Guild of Saint Jude in my prayers."

Thank you, Fr Michael. Saint Jude, pray for us.

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