Saturday, 8 March 2014

A message from Fr Wilfrid McGreal, Prior Provincial

On Thursday, I managed to get to the sea, and I found a high tide with water lapping gently on the shore. I felt a great sense of peace, and thanked God for the pure gift of creation. We must care for God’s creation and try and do what we can for the environment. At the National Shrine of Saint Jude, we are always recycling, and try and send emails, rather than letters.

Lent is now well underway in Faversham. Last Thursday, I spoke at the first of our Lent talks. Well over 50 people attended, and came from the parish and beyond (such as Cambridge and Bournemouth). It was good to gather and reflect with friends, especially as the church is a community of friends.

As spring comes to these Isles, let us pray for warmer weather sooner rather than later. My prayers remain with you all.

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  1. Yes the spring us closer to nature and to God .we see him in every living thing! And we.all feel better for It